If I May Veer Off Topic . . .

April 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

So I had every intention of keeping this related to my projects, but last week I had an experience that was too amazing not to share! I had the privilege of seeing Yann Tiersen live! I wanted to share one of the videos I took during the concert, but youtube gave me a fright by saying I would be infringing copyright so I decided to play it safe even thought people upload videos like that all the time.

Yann Tiersen has made so many small moments of my life so much more beautiful because of his music. When I was a few years younger and gas was less pricey, I used to love driving around the foothills (not much going on in the central valley, let me tell you!) looking for places to explore. Listening to Yann Tiersen while doing this made every sweep of the road seem so cinematic & so special.

I was listening to Yann Tiersen as I drove away from a young man’s apartment & realized I had fallen in love for the first time. So yes, very special, I was so so so excited about actually seeing him play right in front of my very own nose!

It’s so interesting how people who you will probably never meet can make such an impact in your life simply because they make music.

(my friend Becca snapped this on her phone! that’s me nearly dying of awesome!)

What is the best show you’ve ever been to? Which one were most excited for?


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