Sharing v. Shy(ing?)

April 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

One thing that always confuses me about making things is whether or not I actually want anyone to see the final product. Sometimes I do, other times I don’t, either because I wasn’t pleased with the result or felt it was somehow too personal.

My reason for making things is not recognition. In fact, recognition is probably last on my list as I have been incredibly shy my entire life. I am one of those people who really have to make an effort to be outspoken (until of course we have become friends & then the gabbing never ends).

I make things because if I don’t I will probably go crazy. I have too many ideas & little idea babies who haven’t decided what kind of idea they want to be just yet. And honestly, those things must leave your head if you wish to be a functional human being.

So here is where sharing becomes a great thing. When I show somebody something I’ve made & they actually understand it & appreciate it, I feel amazing! Very connected to the world & other people, like someone else understands my secret language. Because it is something so personal & really because I can be so shy, everything I make is something I have been dying to say, but could never manage it in words.

But sometimes sharing is a pain! I hate when people use my images without asking or for something I certainly wouldn’t use it for on the internet, again, because it is such a personal thing. It can also be difficult to hear someone being critical about something you’ve put a lot of time into creating.

So if you are still following, what is your opinion on sharing your creations/ideas on the internet? Do you feel it is better to connect with as many people possible & just put up with the annoyances? Or do you think it is best to keep personal things personal?


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