Shakespeare is not Amused, Ugly Bird!

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Work was a little slow tonight so I spent a few minutes doodling on the back of an envelope I received from payroll. It is no t-shirt, but here is a picture of a bird on Shakespeare’s head. Excuse the picture quality, my cellphone doesn’t have the best camera.


A Play in the Park

September 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

These pictures are really quite old, but are again from my time spent feeling sentimental. One of my favorite things about my hometown was that every summer, two Shakespeare plays were performed in a park with free admission. I was slightly disapointed this year though because I could hardly hear anything! Usually, the actors use wireless microphones to help project their voices, but this year, they decided the actors should be able to send live updates to Twitter during the performance, so the wireless mics were out as cell phones cause interference with their signals.

I thought this was pretty lame because when I go to a play, I’d rather hear it than play with my cell phone. Especially Shakespeare because his plays are so wordy! But other than that, I love going to these performances because they’re a more casual way to enjoy theater. Even if you don’t really like seeing plays, it is a perfect excuse to picnic with your friends!

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