Sometimes it’s Good to be a Student

December 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

One thing that’s amazing about being a student is of course, the student discount! Even better when the student discount makes your ticket price $0!

The other night, I got to see, “The Illusionist” & “Triplets of Belleville” which were screened by the film & television archive of my university. I’d already seen “Triplets of Belleville”, but watching it again & in a theater (I’ve only watched it on televisions & computers) reminded me of how much I love that movie! “The Illusionist” was so so so so so so so wonderful as well although it did give me a bit of a problem with watery eyes toward the end.

So yes, I am recommending these two Sylvain Chomet movies, but I am also, more importantly recommending that if you are associated with a college in any way, find out what the school offers you! I’m really impressed by the student discounts and free admissions available just by waving that trusty student ID card around. Also keep in mind, that if you’re a student, it’s your fees that are funding these programs so you might as well take advantage!


Where did the Time Go?!?!?

November 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Remember a few months ago when I was all, “OMGzzzz don’t expect me to post that much because I just moved & am all disoriented/busy!!!” (in my imagination, I am 3,000 times more obnoxious online than I am in real life).

I still managed to basically post at least once every three days, but now I have fallen short on that goal! Yikes! This is my life now: I am always in libraries, studying things about libraries so I can be on a computer writing papers about libraries. Libraries! Not complaining, I really enjoy my studies, but there are roughly two weeks left of instruction & then final everythings are due so I’ve been a little frazzled. I’m going to schedule a few posts tonight & hopefully things will be back to normal soon!

A Quote

November 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

I tend to hate quotes. I also tend to hate negative words like “hate”, but really I think I don’t like reading quotes because every quote I stumble across online is about men & how you don’t need them or some kind of optimism encouraging thing. I love optimism, I encourage it, but I don’t think it needs to be sugary sweet. I feel like my optimism isn’t that flowery. I believe that everything will work out just fine, even if things initially seem to be going terribly, part of that is because I am a little bit superstitious & feel the universe is my friend. Mostly, I believe everything will work out just fine because I will make it that way & refuse to live a life that is anything short of amazing!

At any rate, I didn’t intend to write about quotes, I wanted to share one that I came across while doing some research for my midterm papers (note: it has nothing to do with men or optimism):

“This fast food approach to information consumption drives librarians crazy. “Our information is healthier and tastes better too” they shout. But nobody listens. We’re too busy Googling.” ~ Peter Morville

I have been spending so much time thinking about information lately & I wonder at what point do people decide that the information they have is good enough even if it isn’t the best? I am torn between loving & hating the internet because the internet allows us to search so many different resources, but it also makes us kind of lazy.

Personally, I feel that Googling works just fine when I want to know something trivial & I want to know it quickly. For example, I just saw an adorable picture of bunnies & thought, “I want a bunny! No, they poop too much. Why do bunnies poop so much?”. So I went to Google, typed, “Why do bunnies poop so much?” & basically discovered common sense things.  Tiny animals = short digestive tract, high metabolism, who cares that’s how it is. Question answered.

However, if for whatever reason, I were really trying to thoroughly study why bunnies poop so much, I wouldn’t go to Google. But here is the sad part (shame on me), I would definitely first check the academic databases for online resources. I would search carefully, use every synonym I could think of & phrase it with Boolean logic. Once I’d exhausted those resources I would check for actual books because honestly, a lot of the time I’m like, “Uhhhhh where am I going to find the time to walk to school & then go to the library & that particular library is all the way in north campus (because sometimes my thoughts are incessantly whiny) & then I have to snoop around & check it out & bring it back, blerghghghg”. Not to mention that working in libraries for so long kind of makes me feel like I don’t want to be there on my days off the same way most people get tired of shopping at a store they work in.

Part of this is because during my undergrad days, our campus library was not really functional since it was under construction. We would request books online, have them brought over, & just picked them up at a desk like magic. No trying to reach impossibly high shelves or trying to remember when the library is actually open. I have somehow trained myself to think that online resources are good enough. That is bad. I am a library student & feel incredibly guilty about honestly just being to lazy to go to the library sometimes.

I”m sorry to go on some random library tangent, but am so curious! Is Google’s information good enough for you? Online information in general? Is it that you feel your question has been fully answered as best as it can or is it that an extension of research is a bit more work than you’d like to put in?

I guess my answer would be a little bit of both. Regardless, next time I need to research something less frivolous than bunny poop, I am putting on my walking shoes & heading to the library.

In Progress: Lining, Zippers & Hems

November 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

I feel like although this skirt is taking an incredibly long time to make, it’s actually pretty fast work. Generally, the only thing preventing me from getting this done is the lack of time to work. I’ve been somehow magically balancing school, work, dating, making new friends, volunteering, maintaining this blog & crafting so I can’t quite dedicate as many hours to my personal craft projects as I used to because really, I feel creating some kind of home/life here is more important right now. My biggest fear is currently that I will get sick (totally throws off my time management skills) or that one of these things will just fall apart due to things beyond my control. Of course, I am hoping winter break will be craft time to the max! Hello, my hometown is hours away, just think of how much crocheting can happen on the road!

In the meantime, I am fitting things in where I can. I had a free hour last week so I managed to sew the lining in & do a top-stitch, put in the zipper (note: image #1 proves how inept I am at zippers, look at all those pins!), & start putting on some hem tape (although I didn’t get to finish). The end of the quarter is getting so close so things are getting crazy, but my next steps are finishing that hem, giving the skirt a wash, & doing some final fittings!

Learning to fly Again

May 31, 2010 § 2 Comments

This was my final project for a ceramics class I took this Spring. I only have a few quick photos of it that I snapped in the studio because it’s going to be on display so I haven’t been able to take it home yet. You can see the other pictures here.

The assignment was to create a self portrait that either actually looked like you, or that metaphorically represented some aspect of yourself. Over the past year, I had quite a lot to deal with in terms of “personal issues”. But of course, I am tough as nails! . You will notice this version of our ugly bird has a bandaged wing, but the bandage is beginning to come off, it is no longer needed. Some things that happened were so hurtful, I was almost certain I could never really recover. Yet in time,  I found myself learning to fly again.


May 23, 2010 § 4 Comments

My graduation from college was on Friday! While I loved my time at school & met some really wonderful people over the past five years, I am super beyond excited about moving on to something new. Getting my bachelor’s was one of those things that at the time, seemed like it was taking forever, but in retrospect, seems like it happened so quickly!

I will be continuing on to graduate school so here is to hoping that a new city, new friends,  & further education continue to expand my understanding of the world!

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