Very Exciting Indeed

June 4, 2010 § 4 Comments

I recently placed an order for some minicards from Moo and am very pleased with the results! They arrive in a nice, sturdy cardboard box with little tabs so you can also store any minicards you might receive from someone else. The print quality is also really great, very clear, very clean, & good card-stock.

Often, when people ask the age old small talk question of, “so, what do youuuuu like to do?”, I respond with some kind of variance of “making things!” Of course the follow up, is “what kind of things?” & because I tend to love so many different mediums & also because I am horrible at describing things, I have a bit of trouble with answering that one. Creating Ugly Bird kind of helped with that because I could just show people, I could say, “oh well, you can see for yourself right here what kinds of things I make”.

But people forget things! I certainly forget things all the time. So I thought these little cards might be nice to actually give a person. That way, when they are searching their purses or pockets or what have you, they can find my tiny card & say, “oh yes, that website, I suppose I should look at that”.

So here are my cards, I look forward to handing them out!


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