Stringing Charms

August 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

One of my favorite things to do is string charms onto a nylon cord & declare it a necklace. Odd mixes are my favorite, things that have nothing at all to do with each other, like this parrot & harp.

These two charms both came from a craft store which is a great place to look, but also check out thrift, vintage, & consignment shops for cute beads & charms!


Coin Jewelry

May 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

As someone who likes to make things, I also love to buy handmade! In my imagination, this is because we crafty people can better appreciate the effort & love that goes into handmade work.

At any rate, a few months ago, I purchased a necklace from a man named Terry Clift at what was essentially a street fair held on my former university’s campus. I fell in love with much of his work because I love animal jewelry & I also really like looking at currency from other countries while daydreaming about what it might be like to live there. I wanted to make sure I had time to wear it before recommending this jewelry to anyone else. Please note that I am notoriously rough on my jewelry & have worn this out quite a few times.

Apparently Terry cuts each coin using a hand saw (um what?!?), the chains he uses are great quality, & he has a huge variety of currency! You can order from his website If I weren’t trying to save money right now, I would definitely be all over the Greek 2 Drachma piece, the Trinidad & Tobago 1 cent, & the Uruguay 10 cent!

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