In Progress: Lining, Zippers & Hems

November 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

I feel like although this skirt is taking an incredibly long time to make, it’s actually pretty fast work. Generally, the only thing preventing me from getting this done is the lack of time to work. I’ve been somehow magically balancing school, work, dating, making new friends, volunteering, maintaining this blog & crafting so I can’t quite dedicate as many hours to my personal craft projects as I used to because really, I feel creating some kind of home/life here is more important right now. My biggest fear is currently that I will get sick (totally throws off my time management skills) or that one of these things will just fall apart due to things beyond my control. Of course, I am hoping winter break will be craft time to the max! Hello, my hometown is hours away, just think of how much crocheting can happen on the road!

In the meantime, I am fitting things in where I can. I had a free hour last week so I managed to sew the lining in & do a top-stitch, put in the zipper (note: image #1 proves how inept I am at zippers, look at all those pins!), & start putting on some hem tape (although I didn’t get to finish). The end of the quarter is getting so close so things are getting crazy, but my next steps are finishing that hem, giving the skirt a wash, & doing some final fittings!


I Want a Workspace!

October 5, 2010 § 6 Comments

a friend’s temporary workspace

One thing that was really awesome about taking an art class in school was access to a studio. Floors that were meant to be mopped at the end of the day so you needn’t panic about spills, tables that were large, uncluttered, ready for anything you had in mind. Because of the fact that I live in an apartment & am not an art student, my workspace is always very temporary. I pick my keyboard & mouse off my desk & lay out newspaper there, or I take my work on the road. Crocheted things can be done in parks, on the bus, in a cafe. Painting can be done outdoors, but is more difficult to manage. Sewing is most restrictive, I am attached to an outlet for my machine. Music is relatively portable as well, luckily I am not a pianist or something.

But still, a permanent workspace would be so wonderful! I feel it would be conducive to bringing together all the different mediums I like to work with if they could somehow be allowed to be out all together at once.

For those of you who create, where do you do it? How do you deal with the necessity of a place to work?

Sharing v. Shy(ing?)

April 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

One thing that always confuses me about making things is whether or not I actually want anyone to see the final product. Sometimes I do, other times I don’t, either because I wasn’t pleased with the result or felt it was somehow too personal.

My reason for making things is not recognition. In fact, recognition is probably last on my list as I have been incredibly shy my entire life. I am one of those people who really have to make an effort to be outspoken (until of course we have become friends & then the gabbing never ends).

I make things because if I don’t I will probably go crazy. I have too many ideas & little idea babies who haven’t decided what kind of idea they want to be just yet. And honestly, those things must leave your head if you wish to be a functional human being.

So here is where sharing becomes a great thing. When I show somebody something I’ve made & they actually understand it & appreciate it, I feel amazing! Very connected to the world & other people, like someone else understands my secret language. Because it is something so personal & really because I can be so shy, everything I make is something I have been dying to say, but could never manage it in words.

But sometimes sharing is a pain! I hate when people use my images without asking or for something I certainly wouldn’t use it for on the internet, again, because it is such a personal thing. It can also be difficult to hear someone being critical about something you’ve put a lot of time into creating.

So if you are still following, what is your opinion on sharing your creations/ideas on the internet? Do you feel it is better to connect with as many people possible & just put up with the annoyances? Or do you think it is best to keep personal things personal?

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