So it Begins

April 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I was all, “Hmmm maybe I will make this a painting” & since I had caught a cold earlier which left me unable to fabric shop, I found myself unable to further sew, but definitely able to paint. Or draw again. But bigger! I intentionally made the hand quite larger than the balloons because I wanted to imaginary see this through to how I would hang it if I were to ever do so (which 99% most likely, I won’t). I decided I would like them to be far away from one another. Of course the hand would be what you see up close since balloons are much lighter, not attached to a body, and will place great distance between themselves & the ground pretty quickly.

But I guess I feel more free seeing an open hand than to see balloons making an escape. Balloons are just doing what they do because of physics & nature. The person behind the hand made a decision to release and to let go.




June 9, 2010 § 3 Comments

Here are just a few little doodles I made in a journal while watching some television. I think there might have been an America’s Next Top Model marathon on, one of my favorite guilty pleasures!

While I was doodling the second one, I was thinking about this billboard on the 99 for mini horse parties. I always always always want to call the number & actually just have a party for the mini horses, even going so far as daydreaming about what kinds of cake would be appropriate to bake for them. I also happened to be wearing that coin necklace & well, my imagination always blends things together in silly ways. I am thinking of embroidering this one actually.

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