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Goodbye, Kind of

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You know how sometimes I disappear into libraries for long hours to write about matters of information science? Those times are back! With a bit of a vengeance as I am also working on my portfolio for graduation & applying for jobs so that I’m hopefully not unemployed for too long after that! This space may be unchanging for a while so do forgive the dullness & in the meantime please check out some of my friend’s blogs in the sidebar!


Academically yours,


Christmas Flavored Disneyland!

January 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

I really thought that I had posted these already, but I guess not. Anyway, I spent New Year’s day in Disneyland. It was really fun & what was really great was that I had never seen the park decorated for the holidays before! Anyway, here’s some snapshots I took over the day.

I thought it was really funny that the California Adventure park really didn’t have much going on besides a Christmas tree up. It was also really hot, very true to a Southern California holiday.

The Haunted Mansion became the Nightmare Before Christmas Mansion.


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Everyone’s favorite boy.

Paper Crane Fight!

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I’m not entirely sure who won.

Music Monday: Lana del Rey

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I think I already gave this one away to anyone who has had any type of contact with me in the past week or so because Lana del Rey is all I want to listen to lately. This is what I call really wonderful pop music. Some of Lana del Rey’s tracks are upbeat and a little silly, and others are incredibly heartbreaking and moving. She has excellent control over her voice, jumping all over the place from low and soulful to the higher pitched, pop style, and throwing in little trills here and there as if that were super easy. You can’t listen to one of Lana del Rey’s songs without reacting, whether it’s dancing, singing along, or getting watery eyes, and that is why I love her.

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