So Artificial

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Glimpses of my Home

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I have begun the process of very slowly dissembling my Los Angeles apartment. Regardless of where I end up (even if I stay in this city, but a different part of town), I moved here taking only what would fit in my stepmom’s car & that’s exactly what I need to have when I move out because renting things is pricey! I’ve kind of been bringing things home & sending things back with my parents on our visits so it’s a gradual change, but my belongings are definitely thinning out. I actually am shocked at how much I’ve acquired since moving down! I have a tendency to feel like I need to fill a space & make it cozy immediately upon settling in so the rooms I occupy seem to end up looking a bit granny.

Anyway, I wanted to document what my living space was like here before my living space became another place! Because I love my organizing cubes so much, I am dedicating this first “home” post to them!

This thing was so simple & easy to put together, the only con is that it’s so heavy when it’s all one piece! I used to keep this in my bathroom in my first apartment, but I was better able to utilize the space in this bedroom so I’m keeping it there, but it still kind of serves batthroom-y services. The bottom two bins are full of crafting/art supplies. One of them has painting stuff & the other has fabric stuff. In the middle cubes, I keep extra fabric & my bathroom towels.

The top cubes keep makeup stuff on one side & hair stuff on the other. I honestly need to go through & throw away a lot of stuff! Much of what’s in those makeup bags are samples that I didn’t like & honestly of those hair things I only recommend & use the Redken curl cream & the Tresemme dry shampoo.

This is the top! Basically I just keep my girly fluff stuff there.

Music Monday: Paper Aeroplanes

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Early Morning

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Stay Mobile

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No one talks of reading on a Kindle with all the passion they do for a book. But let me tell you, books are no fun to carry, they are often too thick, too heavy. I am less concerned about owning things as long as I have access. I am trying to simplify, to travel light. I’m trying to prepare myself to be prepared for anything.

Favorite Face

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No matter how many weird makeup purchases I make (mostly based on packaging, I admit), my favorite look is always forever a simple, fresh face with a bold lip. Lately my very favorite lipstick has been MAC’s, “Diva”. It looks scary dark in the tube, a little bit goth-y/vamp-y when first applied, & fades over the day into an almost raspberry shade.

Do you have a go-to makeup look?

Journal: September 16th, 2011

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Chilly this morning, but I don’t mind because I have a perfect sweater. The one that feels a little too itchy & maybe a half size too small unless the weather’s just right. The weather is changing, even here in Los Angeles where the weather never changes. The sun comes home early & sleeps in late.

I thought about getting a second coffee to have on my walk, but decided against it. I don’t want to have an open cup on the subway & when I drink anything, I like to take my time. Coffee. Wine. One for the morning, one for the night.

I’ve inquired about a job in San Francisco nine months too soon. Did you leave your heart in San Francisco? I’ve left mine in so many places, I’m not sure I can still claim it as my own.

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