Pardon the Abscence

July 19, 2011 § 6 Comments

Hi! My apartment building is run by people who are maybe a little less than what I would call competent at their jobs. I got a call on Wednesday basically saying, “Oh you know that room transfer you asked for months ago? Well if you still want it, you need to come pick up the other key on Friday (not before) & give us back your keys on Monday”.

So I unexpectedly had to scoop up all the worldly possessions I had brought to & acquired in Los Angeles & move them to the next building over. Since I had almost no time to prep for this (I have two jobs!), I basically ended up filling every bag I had with stuff, taking it downstairs, walking over, taking it upstairs, emptying, taking bags downstairs, taking bags upstairs, filling, on repeat until there was nothing left to move.

So I’ve been a bit busy (& sore!) & not really the most productive in the realm of crafts the past few days. I am working on sewing something, or salvaging something that I started sewing & possibly ruined, so hopefully I’ll have a proper update soon!



§ 6 Responses to Pardon the Abscence

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