Hello, I am Obsessed With You

June 29, 2011 § 3 Comments

Yes, you, Clinique’s Black Honey. I love you so much & I have been wearing you at least five days a week since you came into my life. You give such a beautiful, natural looking color & I think you would look nice on just about anyone. Please reside in my purse & on my lips until the sad, sad day when you’re all out.


Music Monday: Seryn

June 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

A New Home

June 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

I got that embroidery out of the hoop & into something that suits it a bit better! This little frame is something I picked up a thrift store. Originally, it had some kind of “inspirational” quote inside that I had to dispose of.

Anyway, sorry I’ve been so bad at posting &, more importantly, at reading up on other blogs! I was out of town & on vacation mode, & now that I’m back, I’m super busy with my internship, work, research, & general life things. I don’t know when I’ll be back to “normal”, but I hope it’s soon!

I am Here, I am There

June 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

For years & years I have called the same place, home. You might have noticed a bit of silence on my end of the internet; it was because I was visiting that place. It is simultaneously the same place & something else entirely. There are little changes that happened while I’ve been living somewhere else. Upon my return, they get up to greet me, all the little changes are so obvious when they become present all at once! I think one of these times, I’ll come back to visit & it will be nothing like the way I remember.

Every time I visit my hometown, I think it is too short. This time, I was there for a week, a week is not enough. I did get to do a lot of what I wanted. I saw the family pets, went on long bike rides, and saw my closest friends. But still, it doesn’t seem like I was there long enough to really be back. Every time I am back, I generally am only able to see people one time. It is, Hello I am back, Hello I am gone again. I am here, I am there. I have two homes now, I have no homes now. My heart is with you when I can’t be. My heart is with you a lot these days & I miss you.

It is hard to stay in touch with people when you move away, you have to really want it, or contact has to be really convenient. I am rarely able to visit home which frustrates me because I can’t be there fully, the way I would like. But it has also pushed me to grow, forced me to be somewhere I never planned to be. No one besides my parents has visited me in Los Angeles since I’ve moved down which was nearly ten months ago. To be honest, this does make me a bit sad because it makes it harder to plan a trip home. I feel like I need to find a way to see everyone & I become disappointed when I don’t make that goal. I am best at keeping in touch with people through postal mail which is a shame because most people prefer every other mode of communication. I forget to answer emails & return phone calls constantly.

Upon my return to Los Angeles, I have decided that I need to make more time to keep in contact with the people I miss all the time. I can have two homes if I can be with you while I’m gone. I will be emotionally homeless if I erase every trace of where I once set down roots. I want my departure to be messy, I want to leave stains, I want to leave a trace everywhere I go so that you may follow if you want to & so that I can return when you need me or when I need a change of pace.

Anyway, I am back from my internet & Los Angeles break. Hope to start posting again soon!

Music Monday: Low

June 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have a friend back home who is really nice & sometimes sends me really great music. One of those times he sent me a bunch of stuff from Low & I was happy for ever & ever.

Side note: isn’t John Stamos incredibly attractive? Possibly also forever & ever? *sigh*

My Pillow!

June 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I totally forgot all about this! I finished my pillow ages ago, but was so excited about sleeping on it that I forgot I had intended to share it with you! Anyway, the picture quality on this blog seems to be getting worse & worse, but I was sitting in bed on my laptop when I remembered & honestly just didn’t feel like getting up to take proper pictures of my pillow. Please excuse the odd girl shaped thing in the back trying to make sure the pillow was in the frame.

Backside! I actually have a ton of this fabric leftover because I didn’t mess up as much as I thought I would! Hooray!

Really Crap Pictures Related to a Really Awesome Experience

June 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

So as you probably know, I love art & I love museums. I also love discounts on things! All of these things came together a really long time ago when LivingSocial had this deal where you could get an Indie membership at LACMA for a year for a mere $25! A friend of mine had told me about it, so I signed up right away! We finally turned our LivingSocial deals into actual memberships a few days ago, just in time to see the relatively new Tim Burton exhibit! In case you are a fan of his work & happen to find yourself in Los Angeles in the next couple of months, it’ll be up until the end of October & I really recommend taking a visit. As with most temporary exhibits, photography was not allowed & at this one, they also insisted on not taking your cell phone out. We were allowed to take a picture of the entrance though, but since I was unprepared I had to make do with my phone. & I have no excuse for using my phone for the other pictures I’ll be showing you except that sometimes I’m a little bit lazy.

Isn’t this an exciting entrance? I was thrilled about it anyway.What I really love about Tim Burton, & what I think most people do, is his ability to create an entire world that pulls you in & immerses you fully. This exhibit stayed true to that aspect of Burton’s work. There is so much to see! There are doodles, notebooks, work from when he was in high school even! There are letters written to & by Burton as well as notes & ideas for stories & films which was great to see; I love getting a glimpse of the process an artist goes through to get somewhere brilliant! I felt like I was in this exhibit for days, I lost all sense of time & the world outside of Burton’s imagination.

Here is a crap picture of my ticket! It says I am a member, how special!

My friend & I both bought these neon pencils. They had teeny tiny, cuter pencils, but I felt these were more practical. As practical as neon pencils can be anyway. Basically I just wanted to take something home that said, “once upon a time I went to this museum I’m really fond of to see an impressive & amazing exhibit for an artist I’m really fond of.” This does the trick! They are really fun pencils as well, I’ve been enjoying them greatly.

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