May 15, 2011 § 4 Comments

Whew! I finally feel okay about showing you the completed diptych! I have been finding myself settling into the way I like to make things. More & more I want everything to look crafted, handmade, not professional. I want to share the way I see things in my head, not necessarily how they are or even how they can be.

So the hand I left relatively realistic. The courage it takes to let go of things is by no means light or distant. It is difficult. I decided to make the balloons incredibly unrealistic. What happens to every worry or every heartbreak that we let go of is a mystery, it is entirely imagination. I wanted my “imagination” canvas to be colorful, childlike, and made with love. I wanted it to be whimsical even though I am pretty tired of the word whimsical. I wanted the imagination aspect to be so light that the balloons literally lifted from the canvas, so I gave them that texture.

These two together are part painting, part craft project. While I am already thinking of a zillion ways my execution could have been better, I like the idea & the path these little projects seem to be taking.


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