A Little Trip

April 20, 2011 § 4 Comments

Guess where I was on Saturday???

Oh goodness, the sunshine is not good for my powers of concentration, I can never focus in the spring and summer months. So yes, I went to Disneyland again! I feel I’ve been going more often in the past couple of years than I ever did as a kid! This time I went with two of my friends who I’d never gone to a theme park with before. They proved to be great, mouse-ear wearing, cheerful, laid-back companions, exactly the kind that makes a Disneyland visit perfect! I got to revisit my very favorite rides: Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, & Haunted Mansion (no Teacups this time, blast!). But what was really special about this visit was that it was my first time going to the California Adventure park right next door! Holy smokes, who would’ve thought that themed California could be so cute & fun?

I have been to Walt Disney World once (upon a time) so I was thrilled to get to ride the Tower of Terror again! I tend to get really giddy about rides, but this one was more giddy to the max. The anticipation of knowing you are about to drop (I am also afraid of heights) makes my stomach go all fluttery, my love for “The Twilight Zone” makes me super happy, & the sudden pull as the drops begin makes me literally float off my seat! Exciting! Fun! Favorite ride of the day by far. The Soarin’ Over California ride impressed me a lot! They let out scents to match the scenery you are viewing & they got that weird plant smell that I always smell while bike riding back home! It was so precise, my eyes were watering with nostalgia (& also because I think I am a little bit allergic to that plant because that always happens but whatever).

Anyway, I’m so glad I got to go again! I think the only time I stopped smiling the whole day was when we discovered that the pizza from Pizza Port is nowhere near delicious!



§ 4 Responses to A Little Trip

  • stephanie says:

    You are tooo cute 😀 I’ve never been on space mountain. I want to quite badly!

    • Denise says:

      Definitely give it a go! Such a fun ride & it’s all pretty inside! I keep telling people how much I like the music that plays on the ride as well, but everyone says they don’t pay attention 😦

  • Lindsey says:

    Oh my gosh, luuuuucccckkky!! I’ve been to Disney World, but it was 10 years ago ;~; You look really cute there! :3

    • Denise says:

      You are way overdue for another visit! As silly & overpriced as it can be, Disney theme parks really feel magical & it’s such a great experience!

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