I’ll Take it From Here, Google

March 6, 2011 § 4 Comments

I intended this to be the internet record of crafts I have completed, but the wannabe librarian in me cannot help being interested in what people are looking for when they end up here. Apparently, a popular search lately has been, “crochet on telephone poles”. Here are some links to what you are probably looking for!

Agata Oleksiak & the Wall Street Bull

Urban Knitting group on Flickr

Yarn Bombs

Yarn Bombs Google Image Search (oh fine, we can work together, Google!)

Anyway, I think this type of art is really clever! It has certainly caught my interest over the past year or so & while I’m not sure if I am quite so daring to do something I am “not allowed to”, this is exactly the kind of minor rule breaking I’m especially fond of. & I did move to a city where 98% of what I ever do goes unnoticed . . .

Another really amusing search term that brings people here is, “a picture of an ugly denise”. Well you’re in luck, my name is Denise, sometimes I look ugly!
me, last year

Next we have, “ugly sewing projects”. I’m not going to pretend everything I sew comes out looking fantastic so feel free to mock my less successful attempts. I could always show you the disasters that were my very first tries at sewing clothing! Or go to Regretsy.

Things to cover that I will get to later:

  • “monster doodles, long & skinny” –> you got it, internet user! If there is one thing I like doing, it’s doodling
  • “ugly bird birthday cake”, this might have to wait until someone I know ages or it will have to be a drawing, I will do my best!

Honestly though, the top searches are some variation of this URL & my name & that’s pretty awesome. Thanks for intending to be here if you were & if you weren’t, I hope I can point you in the direction of what you were actually looking for!



§ 4 Responses to I’ll Take it From Here, Google

  • Lindsey says:

    Oh, you are not ugly in the least, adorable is more like it :] And omg that regretsy site D: Haha, I feel bad for the ads where it shows people’s faces though.

    • Denise says:

      I know! A good portion of my reasoning behind not selling on etsy is fear of ending up on regretsy! I feel horrible for laughing at things that people have spent a lot of time creating, but I can’t help it!
      & darn, I guess my ugly face needs more work! I use it to ward off unpleasant men on the bus

  • Stephanie says:

    Neat! I’ve never seen that before. Regretsy! hahaa that’s awful.

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