Hello Seahorse!

January 24, 2011 § 7 Comments

If anyone is my “friend” on last.fm, you will know this was coming. I cannot cannot absolutely will never stop to their album, “Bestia”. I saw them not too long ago at El Rey (Pilar Diaz opened, she is way cute!) & was hooked! I danced my little heart out that night & the creativity & love was so contagious, that I couldn’t wait to get home & do something, anything! Of course I wanted to sleep first. But anyway, I just got so much energy from being there & it was great, & I really think you should give them a listen!


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§ 7 Responses to Hello Seahorse!

  • shantel says:


  • Lindsey says:

    This is actually the first time I’ve heard them, but they are really cool! Thanks for posting!

  • carolroque says:

    wow!, eargasmic sounds kinda on the dot! im the same as your second reply, Denise.. heheh.., i never like what ‘most’ people like..but i can never describe what i doo.. like. but really do like this.

  • carolroque says:

    &! im always about soouund.. i never pay attention to what the songs are actually saying… not at first anyway.. maybe ill listen real hard or probably look up lyrics .. anyway, this does NOT sound like spanish at alll.. like sigur ros. i love this. i should pay more attention to your last.fm! (;

    • Denise says:

      A lot of what I hate about Spanish language music that gets popular here is that it’s mostly because the fact that it’s in Spanish is seen as a novelty & the music usually isn’t that great or interesting. But this band’s sound is really appealing & it just happens to be in Spanish as they just happen to be from Mexico

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