Salvador Plascencia’s, “The People of Paper”

November 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

Time to go off topic again, because today I feel like talking about books, not crafts.

I read this book not too long ago, but it has been following me around since then. I can’t even properly mention what it’s about as I feel it’s about a lot of things & none of those things follow a linear plot very well, nor did they need to. There is a story of a surgeon who makes origami organs from paper. There is an immigrant story. There is a story about a saint who decides to live the life of a luchador instead of something more holy. There are so many stories about failed relationships.

Mostly it is a book about incredible sadness which is probably why the feelings from reading linger much longer than the details of the various plots. This book may not break your heart, but it will make you feel that way regardless. The book also makes you fully aware that you are only reading a book, which in a way made me feel silly for being so invested. It reminds you that there is an author, that the characters, to you, exist only on those pages. It makes you aware of how you are holding the book as you read.


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