A Bit of Housekeeping

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have a few tiny statements to make in regards to Ugly Bird. First, the “About” section was a bit outdated so I made a few changes there although not much because I really hate filling in, “about” on profiles, it always feels strange!

Next, I want to mention that if you want a link to your blog or website posted on my sidebar, do let me know! Do not worry if your site has nothing to do with crafting, most of those do not. In fact, I think most of them are people I’ve internet known since the days of Livejournal (yes!) Hardly anyone I know in real life blogs, but those are there too.

Finally, you should probably expect a bit of a slowdown in posts here soon. I am no longer unemployed & have just started grad school so I will not have quite as much time or energy to work on these projects. I am still a bit backlogged with things I have done before moving, but those will be winding down eventually. To those of you in my sidebar, I wish I could read & comment on your posts with as much frequency as I have in the past. I still love reading your posts & will try my best to stay up to date!



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