Growing Avocados

June 30, 2010 § 11 Comments

Avocados are amazing. They are delicious, they are good for you, they can be a part of so many yummy dishes or just be consumed on their own. A few weeks ago, I decided to put two pits in water to see if they would grow & they’ve been making their way!


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§ 11 Responses to Growing Avocados

  • Luana says:

    I don’t like avocados much on their own, but they are a must in salads and salsa dishes! Do you eat it as a fruit or veggie? I know people who say it’s fruit, others who say it’s veggie. Honestly I don’t know what I think about avocados & sugar…hehe!

    • uglybird says:

      yeah i think a combo of avocados & sugar would be pretty gross! i do like to eat them with a little bit of lemon juice & salt which is a common way for me to eat fruit, but i guess i generally eat avocados with my other vegetables.
      i love making a sandwich of avocado, cucumber, sprouts, & cream cheese!
      my ex boyfriend does this really lovely thing where he cuts an avocado in half long-wise, removes the pit, & essentially uses the avocado as a little bowl for salsa! it’s such a tasty snack!

  • This is amazing! Especially because I think that avocados are one of THE best foods in the world. (Seriously, I would probably marry one if I could!)

    • uglybird says:

      i love them too! i don’t know if this little plant will eventually sprout edible avocados or not, but regardless, it’s supposed to be a pretty plant!

  • Fonya Spielman says:

    So lucky! I want to grow one. As it stands right now, we are making salsa for the 4th, tomorrow, completely from our garden. Tomatoes, Onions, Cilantro, and Jalapenos. oh, and lime, but that’s not from our garden.

    • uglybird says:

      that’s so awesome! i really want to do that kind of stuff one day when i grow up & have a house. until then, i really want to see what i can do while keeping everything in pots. i want to experiment with growing some more plants, but i want to wait until i move so it’s not like, “hello pretty plant, let me love you & take care of you. & then juggle you around & throw you in an entirely different climate, yarrrrrgggghhh!!!!” because that just would not be nice!

  • Kim says:

    this is awesome! i will definitely try to grow one!

  • Abby says:

    I like it in sushi! Let us know if you can eat this one.

  • […] yes, & that plant in the background? Remember when I tried to grow some avocado pits? One of them never sprouted, but one of them took off like mad! My baby avocado plant is now two […]

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