The Tree who Lived

May 1, 2010 § 2 Comments


Finally I have a completed project to share with you! I feel like I have spent more time invested in school work the past three weeks or so than I have in my entire college career! I will be back in crafty action soon though.

This little tree shouldn’t even be finished right now, in fact, it probably shouldn’t even be intact and here is why:

I am not used to dealing with ceramics. I love my polymer clay which is cheap and can be baked in your regular oven, but I never had much a chance to work with for real hey here is a large chunk of the earth, make something! type of ceramics until I signed up for a class this semester.

& while I have been working diligently all semester long, I am a slow worker & a bit of a perfectionist so I barely put one project out to be fired a week or so ago.

Of course, this is the time when our kiln overheats, breaking the shelves and damaging several pieces beyond repair. By some chance of luck, the one piece I had in (our dear tree) was for the assignment with a 14″ minimum height requirement so this tree baby was on the top shelf & instead of being crushed, was simply fused together with some other pieces & survived!

This piece could never be fired again since it already reached well beyond the highest temperature it should be able to handle, so instead of glazing, I was told to simply use acrylics. This actually made me really happy as it gave me an excuse to gesso spray something else & made it something I could do at home, saving studio time for my other pieces!


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§ 2 Responses to The Tree who Lived

  • stephanie says:

    oh that’s so lovely! i suck at sculpting. i’m alright at it but i love to draw and paint, so i admire the people who have skillz for sculpting and ceramics 🙂

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