April 19, 2010 § 4 Comments

Due to the magic of the internet, I have had a few inquiries of “hey, are you selling this?”. To which I’ve basically just replied no as I just had never thought of selling anything. & because saying, “not at this time” sounds a lot more intelligent than “guhhh whaaat???”

But the reality is, in a few weeks, I will be joining the ranks of the educated & unemployed. I also don’t do much with the things I make, the purpose is to create not to have, so they basically end up sitting around with no one looking at them. So I have been giving thought to setting up a shop on Etsy, but I have so many questions!

Would anybody actually buy anything?

Would people not buying anything make me feel bad?

Will anything I make end up on the giggle inducing

Would I begin to base what I make on what will sell? (I certainly hope not!)

How much should I sell things for?

Will shipping things off prove to be more trouble than it’s worth?

Many questions. But maybe it is worth giving a go! Definitely something to think about at least.


§ 4 Responses to Etsy?

  • jem says:

    i think if you make things to sell on etsy, people are bound to buy them, you just have to create your own little niche in the market. 🙂

    • uglybird says:

      hey, thanks for your input! i will probably do some more research on tips & tricks for a bit & try opening a shop this summer. it can’t hurt to try!

  • Luana says:

    Go for it!! I think maybe you should try to sell independently first, as in not on etsy as there’s a minimum charge for putting things up (I THINK!) although I’m not sure how it works. If you put up a few things for sale on a separate blog and spread the word, you could see how much you could sell and all that! I can help spread the word on Lemon Soda as well if you’d like. Good luck!

    • uglybird says:

      that’s a great idea! i was looking on etsy & the cost per listing is pretty low (20 cents!) but i’m not sure if they take money from your sells.
      selling without a third party might actually work out a lot better though, I would probably have a lot more control over how to go about the whole thing. it’s so nice of you to offer to promote on your site! if i do start selling, i’ll be doing it once this semester is over so I’ll keep you updated!

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